A teacher working with the schoolchildren

Amade is thankful that ADPP was there for him

Amade says he is thankful that ADPP was there for him, offering many years of help and support.  “I am with ADPP since 1999. I like them because they gave me so many chances to show my capabilities and to acquire more experiences in so many different areas.  I consider ADPP as my second family.”

Amade humbly insists that his life story is not exceptional, and that there are many others like himself with similar stories.  Life in Africa is indeed difficult and the struggle to rise from poverty ever-present.  ADPP has been assisting children like Amade for over 30 years.  Many have found refuge and hope for the future in the classrooms and dormitories of the ADPP campuses established across the nation, or through the other programs that it has been implementing.  The organization is well-known as a development leader and for its commitment to create lasting change.

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Children’s Town run by ADPP

Children’s Town is a project run by ADPP Mozambique.  It provides orphans and disadvantaged children of single-parent families with a safe living and learning environment.  Amade lived in Children’s Town for four years and finished primary school there. “For me it was like the light on the end of the tunnel, having that opportunity to continue my education,” he said.

After completing primary school, Amade continued his education at the ADPP vocational school in Maputo, studying building construction.  “I wanted to become a construction engineer and the opportunity was good for me.  I loved all that I learned and became inspired to learn more.”